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My name is annett and I am a parent of a 13-year-old daughter and a 10-year old son.

What I am here to help you with is to bring more peace to your parenting.
I believe that being a mother or a father is one of the hardest things we will do in our lives and very few have received formal training for this mammoth task.

The majority of parents tends to lean to either a more punitive or permissive style of parenting and sometimes vacillate back and forth.

This revolutionary approach which is based on Adlerian psychology is neither

giving out nor giving in:
it is the golden middle between both.

My parent educator training has taught me how I can support you to

become a calmer parent.

You will learn to be less reactive and more aware of what your child’s needs really are when you believe they may be misbehaving.

My passion lies in creating a balance between parent and child and adjust the power and control dynamic so both of you feel encouraged , empowered and connected.

You are your offspring's number one influence when it comes to

his or her future-self in their own relationships.
The bond with your son or daughter is for forever and to improve

what may need changing is a life-learning experience for all of us.

My starting point is to accept ourselves for where we are at

and not criticise ourselves for where we are not.

You are the only person who is needed to make this happen and your

child wants you to be your authentic, loving self.  

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