I’m Annett.


When my parenting journey began I had no experience with parenting other than the way I was brought up. 

My own childhood was complicated. 


All I knew was that I wanted something very different for my own children. 


The way I was brought up was the way most of us were raised in the eighties:

Children had to be intimidated to co-operate. 


What this did to me was that I feared authority for most of my life. 


Why I took part in a parenting course was that I had a deep longing to break this vicious cycle of making the same mistakes our parents made. 


We are programmed from an early age to behave how others expect us to. 

I want to change that. 


What I learned as a parent is nothing short of a miracle. 

My time spent on proactively thinking about why my child does what they do is paid back ten-fold. 


When children feel that their parent wants to understand them, they will want to work with you rather than against you. 


You are probably the same as me and want your child to become a happy, healthy, loving, loveable and responsible future adult. 


However, without reflecting on our own behaviour as a parent we will, in stressful situations, fall back into our patterns how we were raised by our parents. 


I see my work as somebody who can help you reflect on healthier ways of reacting when your child behaves differently to how you expected. 


What I bring to this work is an experience of holding a space for you so you can put yourself into your child’s shoes. 

My clients tell me that this is extremely helpful and calms them down when they are then in a 

real-life situation with their own child. 


You are the most precious adult in your child’s life. 

Your child loves you unconditionally. 

You don’t need to work as hard as you do, you just need to be. 


What I have found out over the years is that my approach is the most unifying way out there. 

Your way is your way and my way is mine. 

The reason why I started a business is because many parents agree with me. 

Having attended my courses, parents benefited and were able to apply what they learned - 

to almost all other relationships in their life. 


Resonating with what works and feels right has become my motto in the age of


If you resonate with my message and would like to know how a child will take directions from you,

please contact me and arrange a call.