I'm Annett.

Daring to be a universal teacher on parenting is hard.

Being a parent is the most challenging experience of what we call our lives. 

Coming from the deepest empathy, every parent is the same rich well of knowledge. 

Depending on the heart, the journey might take you to the longest time or

the shortest time of your parenting freeway. 

Understanding your needs and your child's needs varies, depending on the capacity of whatever

your care of self was that day. 

Going the monumental distance of using nobody else's support can be quite lonely. 

For demanding the child to comply when we find it tough is doing the child no favour. 

I have found a parenting method that not only takes parenting onto a new revolutionary next level in some knowing way, it leaves you feeling inspired to evolve with your child.

Dream no more of a future when everything will be easier, get the right approach now and benefit for a lifetime. 

Enjoy the journey rather than waking up one day and seeing the parent you could have been. 

What I rediscovered was that external approval can never bring me happiness but finding peace within. 

Deserving the calmest home (you can create for your family)

is something time and money can almost not buy. 

Come to one of my events or book a private consultation and see

how you will be left feeling truly wanting what I have found. 

The other thing who works with me loves is that some of the experiences can be used in all their relationships. 

Focusing on parenting whatever age your child is, takes your bond to really loving new heights

you would otherwise not have known. 

Find the budget for you by clicking on my events or private consultation tab above. 

Thank you for being here and I look forward to meeting you soon, 


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