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Girl Brushing Dad's Teeth

Adlerian Approach

Effortless Parenting

is a welcoming space for anybody who works to improve all jealousy of how others live. 

Finding your own way of being a parent in this world, is what I support you with. 

You are the most important adult in your child's life: 

The approach I follow is based on Adlerian Psychology. 

What this means is a way of including everything into how an individual is seen. 

Parenting is a guiding of children into an open and respectful relationship with others. 

What this principle has to offer is a loving and truthful experience of meeting our children's needs and alongside it taking care of our own. 

The parent is the centre of this method and the child is the altogether work of everything we do.


You will receive information on why your child does what they do and you will know how to react differently. 

The best thing about it is that more willingness to cooperate is a result of you putting in this work. 

What you will discover may impact other parts of your life too. 

I have found that my unresolved childhood actions are accompanying me through my adult life, every step of the way. 

Having the courage to be imperfect: 

You are surrounded by a variety of people in life who are all different and magical. 

We sometimes want to change ourselves just to fit in. 

What I have come to accept through this parenting style is that we have to find out who we are so that we can allow our children to be who they are. 

You most likely have wondered how to do this? 

This work will show you how. 

Why parenting is so hard:

In my opinion, parenting is the the most demanding thing anybody will ever do.  

Parenting is a job for life. 

We have no idea how the journey will unfold and it is made in an instant. 

When the often hardest moments arrive; we feel all alone. 

I want to unite parents and create a community that will support each other. 

When we feel that somebody can relate to our worries, we have more strength to get through it. 

You can be the parent you want to be: make your endeavour a joyful one and come to work with me. 

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