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Byron Katie's The Work

A mind-blowing method to question stressful beliefs

1h 30min

€ 125

Virtual or in person for the Cork area

Byron Katie's The Work has the ability to question beliefs you may have carried for a lifetime.

What I learned through this tool of inquiry is that nobody has better advice for my life than I do.


Only you are able to challenge your own beliefs and I will facilitate the work for you.

Book an appointment with me either online or in person (if you live in the region).  

Simply click 'Book Now' and we can arrange a date and time.


The tree analogy I have come to understand is very powerful because we are like stand alone trees who are only able to co-exist with each other when we stand tall in our own business without leaning against each other and aware of our own strength.


Would you like to experience your own strength?

What I have come to discover is that we are our inner child's parent, so this method is for you, even if you are not a physical parent in this life. 

You are as free as you believe yourself to be. 

The freedom lies within your own thinking about yourself and others.

Contact Details

Cork, Ireland 

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