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Free Event: 'Children & Teens on screens' 

Casual chat and practical tips amongst parents & caregivers on how teach our children and teens a balanced approach with technology.  



Third Thursday of every month in 2023

When: Thursday, 20th April 2023


Time: 8-9pm 


Where: Zoom 

(Click 'Book my place' to receive free Zoom link) 


This event will not be recorded.

(To allow a safe and confidential space for you to speak openly)


My intention with this get together is for us to be able to share what challenges us as parents when it comes to our children and teenagers and technology.


You will hear from others how teenagers and children are finding new ways in consuming screens responsibly.

This hour is a 2 part session:


  • First we share our experience in a confidential and private setting 

  • Second part: we explore in concrete and practical ways how to support children through the complexities of self-regulated exposure to social media, video games and internet use.

Click ‘Book my place’ below and receive your free registration link now.


If are concerned about your child or teen’s mental health:

The PR co-ordinator from SMVLC * has shared this helpful link for a guide how parents can provide support to reduce the impact of social media on body image:

Click for guide 


*SMVLC  = Social Media Victims Law Center

Future dates in 2023:

16Mar/ 20Apr/ 18May/ 15Jun/ 20Jul/ 17Aug

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