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You are more effortless than you think


Walk or sit down - virtual or in person

Effortless Rants for €22

You are free to talk about anything you like to lighten the load of your parenting worries. This is a confidential consultation process in which you have somebody to listen to without judgement. We all need to be heard.

Effortless Rants for €22
Effortless Rants for €22

Time & Location

You are more effortless than you think

Walk or sit down - virtual or in person

About the Event

How does this work:

  • 30-minute meet up with me in person or virtual
  • Walk or get together in a location of your choice in the Cork City area and surrounds 
  • Virtual can be through Zoom, Facetime or just and audio call
  • Fee: €22
  • Time: can be arranged between 9.30am-2pm or from 6pm
  • Talking about something that worries us and having a non-judgmental listener is a real gift
  • What this service offers you is an opportunity to meet me and have an informal chat about something you would like to get off your chest
  • Having a rant when you are feeling powerless can be so freeing. Lately, I am discovering that my anger is just trying to express something that I have no access to hearing when I suppress it. 
  • You can expect a confidential space with me who listens to you and you are allowed to vent if you feel like it
  • There is a time and place for everthing and having an emotional outburst with our child is not where they feel safe. Finding another adult who gets it - is more appropriate

Sign up by contacting me through or text / call me on 0877639751

Would you like to be listened to without interruptions?



Every single parent receives a 7% discount. 

Please add SINGLE7 in the discount box when booking in.


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