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You will see your progress and feel proud

Effortless Flow (9-month Membership)

Find support from fellow parents who are on this journey with you. This confidential and safe space lets you know that you are not alone.

Effortless Flow (9-month Membership)
Effortless Flow (9-month Membership)

Time & Location


You will see your progress and feel proud

About the Event

Effortless Flow Membership is a support group for parents of children and teenagers who deserve to live in calmer homes.

Parents and care-givers meet:

  • On the 1st Thursday of every month
  • From 8.30 - 10pm (GMT)
  • Virtual through Zoom
  • Sharing challenges and wins of the month gone by
  • Hearing about 1 Adlerian principle and exchanging views
  • Helping each other to find solutions in raising children to become capable, confident and content future adults

What parents share who have experienced my group sessions is:

"It is a huge relief to hear that:

🔸 worrying

🔸 making mistakes

🔸 trying my best

🔸 having very tough days

🔸 sometimes even questioning my ability

are the most recurring themes in parenthood."

My motto is: “A shared problem really is a problem halved.”

Creating a parenting community where we feel that we are all in this together - has been one of my most passionate endeavours.

Authentically sharing and participants leaving feeling encouraged and inspired is what motivates me to continue spreading the word about the  Adlerian parenting approach.

Topics of recent months:

🌱 Bullying in school

🌱 Teenage vaping

🌱 School transitions

🌱 Child needing constant attention

🌱 Siblings calling each other names

🌱 Routine changes before and after holidays

🌱 Coming off screens and technology

🌱 Consent

🌱 Being safe in public

🌱 Fear and feeling like a failure

🌱 Competitive with others

🌱 Integrating in group dynamics

🌱 Different parenting styles with partner & extended family

🌱 Tantrums, defiance and constantly saying No

🌱 and many more ...

What's included and cost:

💫 9 x 1 monthly Training videos about foundations of this approach (lifetime access)

💫 Activity book (PDF) to accompany each module

💫 Wide range of parenting tips and skills

💫 Monthly fee: €44 per household

💫 30-minute call to introduce myself & answer your questions

Book a free call today and feel more effortless: Click here

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