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Your deserve a calmer home


Virtual or In person

Effortless Introduction (1:1 Private Support)

Your parenting will be changed forever. You have everything you need, inside of you.

Effortless Introduction (1:1 Private Support)
Effortless Introduction (1:1 Private Support)

Time & Location

Your deserve a calmer home

Virtual or In person

About the Event

“My daughter was not getting on well in school.

After several phone calls with her teacher, I felt completely helpless.

After working with Annett and applying her approach, I noticed that my 6-year old started to react differently.

She became more responsible and the feedback from school changed into positive comments about her.

I highly recommend this course." (Client who recently bought this package)

Package Details:

🌱 1:1 Private support virtual or in person (in my home) at a time and date that suit us both

  • 1 h 30min: 1st meet-up
  • 1 h: 2nd meet-up
  • 1 h: 3rd meet-up

🌱 Brief notes after each session with pratical guidance

This service is helping parents to feel encouraged and empowered in their ability as a mother or father after a short amount of time.

Results parents accomplished: 

💫 Child no longer disrupting in school & self-regulating  

💫 Mothers & fathers being more aligned in their parenting style 

💫 Children shouting less 

💫 Siblings respecting each other 

💫 Homework completed without prompts needed 

💫 Parents getting a well-deserved break in the evening 

💫 Child sleeping through the night 

💫 Working parent no longer feeling guilty

💫 Less worrying about child's future

💫 Waking up gently instead of hearing an aggressive NO 

💫 More co-operation and less bossy behaviour

💫 Leaving the home is much calmer  

💫 Decreased fear of others' judgement 

💫 Instead of over-protection, allowing child more responsibility 

💫 Screen & tech limits acknowledged and followed through  

💫 Amicable parenting when separated 

💫 Acceptance of ex-partner's parenting approach being different

💫 Toddler dysregulation became more harmonious 

💫 Parent feeling capable in raising a child instead of just managing  

💫 and much more ...

​An optional free effortless call is possible to get to know me.

Click & book here to find out how spending 3 hours this year may have you living in a calmer home very soon.

Would you like to know more about my effortless parenting approach?

Click here and watch a short video.


€ 333 per person (payment plan possible) 

Coming to your home:

For a € 33 home visit fee (per visit), I can also meet you in your home in the greater Cork area.

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