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Virtual or In person


You are going to be changed forever

VIP Offer (for Very Interested Parents)

This offer has all the answers to your questions about parenting. Your investment into your relationship with your child will be felt forever.

VIP Offer (for Very Interested Parents)

Time & Location

Virtual or In person

You are going to be changed forever

About the Event

"Our son was starting to become very defiant.

We wanted to nip it in the bud.

Annett helped us to have a more loving approach with him and yet allowed us to have more time for ourselves.

We highly recommend Effortless Parenting to anyone who is looking for more modern skills."

                 ~ A couple shared after working with me ~

This VIP Offer is ideal for parents who want to learn more.  

You will receive a 1:1 service for 4 weeks where you have access to me through weekly private consultations.  

In addition, you will also be able to contact me through text, voice & video message as well as email me about your progress and receive my suggestions and recommendations.   

You can then - in your own time - watch training videos and take a deeper dive into the Adlerian Approach to parenting.  

You and your child(ren) deserve to have a relationship that is based on mutual respect, love and hearing each others’ needs.

What you can expect is a slight tweaking of what you are already practising as a parent and draw forth the values you want your child to grow up with.

When you are ready, you may book a call with me for a time and date that suits where I can share more on how this would work for you.

Simply click here

Also included in this offer are:

  • 1 book from my Adlerian library
  • Further materials to read
  • Brief notes after each session for clear guidance
  • Support to encourage you to connect with your child and enjoy parenting
  • Follow up email with a summary after completion

The intention for this service is to work through 1 challenge you currently may have as a parent.

Often when managing to resolve one part of the jigsaw, it helps to solve more pieces of the puzzle and eventually you see the whole picture.

My VIP Offer is also highly recommended for a couple who would like to be more aligned in their parenting.

Cost for Couples or Single parents available on request.

Book a call today and find out how you pay less by midnight tomorrow: Click here

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Watch a brief Video about my VIP Offer: Click here

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