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When your partner is not up for joining your new parenting style

Have you ever thought: I wish they were more like me?

Were you ever in a situation when you thought:

I wish my co-parent was onboard with my parenting method?

You most likely asked them to parent how you parent or you were all defensive about how you parent.

I found this very challenging at the start of my journey.

I wished I was on the same page as everyone else in my child’s life.

The hardest thing was when somebody completely disagreed with how I raise my children.

I never wanted to lose an argument and was so convinced that my new way of parenting was the best.

What I didn’t know was that I just needed to have faith in myself.

This is the biggest lesson I learned so far.

You are the proof that it works.

Every time you feel like changing somebody’s mind on what they need to do, you can say to yourself:

I am a parent who is strong and I am here to love my child, not to convince anybody.

Try this next time you need others to be different.

You will soon realise that your actions speak louder than words.

Every parent comes to this journey from a different perspective.

What I learned was:

- to be patient

- to trust that doing something in another way would have to bring a different result

than doing the same thing over and over and expecting something revolutionary.

You will most likely disagree with others that parenting is for waiting until children are older and everything will sort itself out.

You can role model your approach now and see what happens to others observing what you do.

It is so much more effortless than working yourself into the ground and wasting your energy on converting people.

Wouldn’t you love to experience parenting in the same way as your partner?

But life usually throws you a curve ball.

Or it doesn’t in which case you are a very fortunate couple who parent together in great harmony.

Our differences can often make us stronger and our children learn to deal with varying personality styles.

At least this has been my understanding of this method.

You can interpret it in your own way.

Your children will benefit if they have a wide range of characters in their lives so they are well prepared when they go out into the world.

What is your personal experience parenting with somebody else?

I would love to hear about your experience.

Feel free to email me at

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