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After 8 years in Primary School

Remembering your early school days?

What I am about to share is my personal experience as a parent of my child(ren) being in school for half their life and longer.

It never occurred to me that it would pass as fast as it did.

My own years in primary school started later and finished earlier.

It was a different decade and different circumstances.

When I think back there was so much excitement at the thought of going to school.

Leaving the Primary school curriculum, I was looking forward to change and embarking on something new.

What I have been observing in my children is that whether they willingly go to school or even enjoy it, always depends on the enthusiasm of their teacher.

Some years there were panic attacks at the thought of stepping into the building, other years a child of mine felt so inspired and wanted to become a teacher or even a professor themselves.

It is a very vulnerable and helpless feeling for a parent to send their child into an institution and hear nothing about them except for 1 x 10-minute encounter with their teacher that year.

In the meantime a child develops and grows and challenges may come up.

In this fast paced ever-changing world, all us parents have to compare is our own education and how it was for us.

What a conflict not knowing the real life situation for a parent, their child and the teacher.

Honestly speaking: I have been struggling with this as a mother.

It hasn’t always been easy to often be in the dark about what the truth really is and how hard the teacher’s job is.

When discipline needs to be enforced, I hear it is done through bribing, shouting, threatening or giving up.

Why is there so little communication between parents and teachers in our community?

Let me come back to my observation of teachers:

I believe that teachers have the second hardest job in the world.

Feel free to enter your opinion on the ultimate endeavour there is.

It has always fascinated me (being a teacher’s child) how teachers even make it through every school year.

It takes such a high level of tolerance and patience to be in a room with other human beings who all want and need different things.

When you think about it, this profession requires leadership skills that go beyond those of a manager in a company.

Not only does a classroom educator need to be able to stimulate his followers into action, the syllabus also expects a learning to occur where individuals in a collective need to come to somewhat the same page.

Being from Germany where a variety of schools offer different ways of learning, I ask myself why the educational system is so slow to reform?

Science has already proven that it is counter-productive to study unless the interest is there and stuffing information in, almost never sticks.

What is the point?

It feels like I am opening a can of worms in my head which I would rather leave closed.

However, I have decided that teachers need support in the same way parents do - as outdated concepts no longer work.

If children are now being rewarded with screen-time in schools to behave, then modernisation was completely misconstrued.

In my view these present-day children who are being diagnosed with an array of different needs, are here to gently demand this long overdue reform.

What we need to work towards is to come together as a community where values, not ideologies are taught.

So I decided to enrol into the Positive Discipline Training and how to bring it to the Classroom.

I have no formal teacher training and I am not qualified to work with children.

In recent years my passion has grown to help those teachers reignite the spark for their calling where the flame is only dimly lit.

If you know of any teacher who may be interested in how this Adlerian approach works in schools, please feel free to share my message with him or her.

What I tried to communicate with this post is not that teachers need to become psychotherapists just to gain some insights that all children’s behaviour is goal-driven.

Knowing as parents and teachers how to identify these 4 goals and how to redirect them effectively, will leave everyone energised, calm and joyful: wanting to be around children.

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