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Back to school: Leaving the home on time

Finding the right way to start the day is really important for me.

I get up earlier than my children so that I am well grounded before everything kicks off.

Having the time to myself prepares me to get ready slowly.

Demanding my kids to be on time for school is one of the hardest tasks of my day.

What I understood very early was that me wanting things my way always backfired.

Often they would dawdle and I would get really stressed because I needed to be at work for a meeting.

Leaving my job did not make it any easier as my child now wakes up and decides not wanting to go to school.

For all the parents out there - you are not alone if the morning routine fails.

Caring about your children effectively takes time and patience.

Both is something the modern world forces us to have very little of.

What I do to manage this stress is to slow myself down even further.

Every child has different needs and my child simply takes more of my time in the morning.

What I came up with over the years to get out the door are things like:

  1. Having fun by playing a short game together.

  2. Empathising with them for wanting to stay in bed.

  3. Finding something to have a purpose together like brushing my teeth with them.

  4. Enjoying my time with my kids to be in the moment for the rest of the day. This sounds easier said than done but we have so much to do all day as parents that we benefit by slowing down while we are with them.

Take good care of your health by demanding less from others.

Everybody in the family has varying needs at different times of the day.

We need to strengthen ourselves through calm immersion in gradually helping everyone.

For the longest time, I pushed against figuring out that taking out the speed is what gets you there faster.

Now that my children are growing up and having hindsight what I was missing out on, I am able to course correct as they say in aviation.

The time we make in each moment will be given back to us in the next.

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