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When I drove into the house...

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

A couple of days ago I reversed my car into a wall.

Getting out the door is seriously challenging.

Before I wake up properly, the day is already hectic.

My son was unwell and he needed to stay home with me.

Has this ever happened to you?

You had the day planned and suddenly everything needs to be changed last minute.

Meetings cancelled or postponed, childcare has to be overturned and no time to really think about how to get through the day with everyone having some time for themselves.

My way of dealing with this type of stress is to take a moment and realise that this is not how it should be.

In an ideal world we have support when our children are not well.

We make going to work the bottom of our priority to look after our child.

However in this current hectic way of life we don’t see the wood for the trees.

Going from one activity to another, we sometimes forget to sit down for a minute and reflect on finding better ways how to stay calm.

So I damaged my car this week only because I did not sit down and take a breath.

What I could have done differently was to not rush of and plan how to deal with my changed day.

Demanding that I operate on auto-pilot when nothing was like my routine - was looking for the impossible. My frenzy to get out the door now shows in the back of my car. What I am telling myself is that living in this busy world is usually the price we pay by not being in the moment. So take time when you think you should be in motion and reflect on how it can be made simpler. It helps me access my more creative abilities how to solve problems. Nobody is perfect and every person needs other ways to be taken care of. Going to have a calmer home takes work and you are the one to make it a better living environment for everyone.

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