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Having the Courage to be Imperfect

When I was a new mother I received a gift that was worth more than any money can buy.

I attended a parenting course where I learned that I don’t have to be a perfect parent.

Over the years, I have been learning more and more and the weights of guilt and shame are being lifted off my shoulders.

It is now time to pay it forward and pass this relief on to other mothers, fathers and caregivers.

The fear of criticism of others and even the whip-cracking self-critic are 2 of the biggest road blocks that stop my clients from parenting effortlessly.

Over the coming weeks and months my content will be offering ideas, tips and sharing on how to accept that the idea was never to be parent perfectly.

This new wave of children coming through would like to make their own mistakes and are quite content to rebel against any effort of not being accepted for who they came here to be.

What if I shared a parenting approach that allowed a child to be their authentic self and at the same time learned that when there is freedom, there also needs to be order?

It is almost unheard of and it takes a minute to let it sink in.

Most of us are familiar with the concepts of order without freedom and freedom without order.

This paradigm shift that is neither parent-centred nor child-centred, offers a way of showing respect to parent, to child and to what the situation requires.

When we communicate what we need and why, only then a child is able to hear the reason for:

💦 the bike needing to be locked in the shed at night,

💦 not hitting the younger brother,

💦 putting the school bag away into its home and

💦 an agreed time limit on screens needing to be honoured.

When there is an imbalance of mutual respect, a child will often resist a parent's demands.

Over a decade ago, when I was introduced to this significant change what raising a child is all about, I also fell in love with this quote by Wayne Dyer:

“When you change the way you look at things - the things you look at change.”

What an intriguing concept.

My children are showing me again and again that there is nothing more true than winning their co-operation, only being possible when I am willing to connect and come from my heart.

Every parent is capable of experiencing a different reaction from their child and here is my invitation for you to make it happen.

Click this link and book a free effortless call to find out if my approach resonates with you:

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed when it comes to parenting other than this bond between parent and child lasting for a whole life-time.

My services are confidential, experiential and have helped hundreds of clients create calmer homes.

Over the Summer, I had an epiphany that changed everything.

I asked myself:

What if the only goal as a parent was already achieved by bringing a child into this world and the remaining journey is merely about healthy detachment?

Leave me a comment below if pondering this question brings you some peace.

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