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When siblings don't get on

Have you ever come across a family where siblings don’t event talk as adults?

My parenting courses are all about long-term vision for our children.

It breaks my heart when I hear stories of brothers and sisters becoming estranged in later life.

By no means should siblings have to become best friends.

However, what happened to being our brother’s keeper?

You wouldn’t believe what happened in my own family.

My extended family have been fighting for decades.

So much so that on my own wedding day, I was given an ultimatum to not invite other members of the wider family.

I was left with an unbearable choice to make and had to choose between family I was surrounded by my entire life.

You can maybe relate to what comes next.

Recently, the first of those fighting siblings passed away.

Sadly, the other family was nowhere to be seen at the funeral.

What I would love to achieve with my work is for one family to be saved this type of grief and not have this dark cloud hanging over someone’s wedding day.

When my friends got married, I had to listen to several stories of big scenes that were caused over sibling rivalry.

One family fell out for good at somebody’s wedding.

You would love to protect your children from not having this heartbreak when they are adults.

So what can we do is the big question?

We can start by interfering less when our children have conflicts.

Unless there is violence, the simplest thing for a parent to do is to walk away.

You may say: this is not simple.

You are often so emotionally involved because it reminds you how parents took sides when you were a child.

And this is how sibling rivalry is passed on and on and on and on.

I am inviting you to break this vicious cycle.

You will not regret being the generation that has the courage to overthrow this old pattern.

What I can offer is a space where you can explore some situations and receive preparedness for when the explosion happens.

You are the most influential part in your children’s life and sibling rivalry is the parent’s responsibility.

Have no more fear and have tools on what to do.

If this is something that interests you, why not sign up to my next parenting course.

Click on my services and find out when the next one starts.

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