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Children need encouragement just like a plant needs water

Updated: May 21, 2019


Half the job of encouraging a child lies in avoiding discouragement.” (Rudolf Dreikurs)

My 5 year old got hold of my permananet flip-chart markers which I left in the hall after returning from my workshop last night. 

At first I wanted to react and scream out of fear: “The ink will seep into your bloooooood, are you crazy?"

If in this moment the awareness is there: I can either walk away or make a comment where I notice what happened.

“You look like you are having a lot of fun with these markers.” or

“Your hand is now matching the colour of your football."

These less threatening remarks allow me to stay respectful and yet I don't mean that I am permissive or approve. 

A great way of re-directing these choices would be to take time for training at a later stage. 

You can choose less skin-damaging colouring.

While you let them experiment with what it is they need to learn, we can explain in a calm and detached manner

why permanent markers are the less favourable option.

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