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The Toddler challenge

I just asked my 8 year old:

“What would have been the toughest thing as a toddler?”

This is for all you parents out there who wish you could understand what your two and three year old is saying.

Lots of parents feel so helpless when it comes to the stage where your baby wants to start doing everything by themselves.

My son told me now: looking back at his three year old self that he wishes he had had more decision making powers back then.

What he said was that he often asked:

Why can’t I do what older kids are allowed to do?

Have you ever wondered what it is like for your toddler to constantly be told: NO?

Understanding that toddlers just want some more responsibility might be the key to having less tantrums with your child?

Fighting a young child demands a lot of your energy.

If we only knew what they wanted to express, it would take half the battle.

Do you need help with this tough transition time of toddler years?

I have found this approach amazing.

My children were better behaved because I had gotten tools to guide me through it.

Leaving everything to chance may work for some, my feeling is that these first three years are fundamental in building a relationship with our children.

Your most precious baby is developing its own personality and the main values are instilled during these times through our role modelling.

During no time in our lives do we absorb more knowledge than during those early years.

Often we say our kids are like sponges as they copy our actions like shaking the wash cloth out over the bin (the way my one and a half year old did after watching my own mother wiping down the table).

Other times they start never before heard swearing down the house just like us.

What we do and how we respond is the secret ingredient to whether our children turn into ourselves or change.

The fun begins of course when they no longer obey us and we wish they were babies again...

Taking part in a parenting course will give you the needed ground-work to be able to deal with what comes next, during the play school years.

My course will find you where you are at.

It teaches methods that can be applied to all stages of parenting.

For example: how do we teach money saving and spending from birth?

My 8 year is in control over what he spends his pocket money on.

He is learning to either save it or spend everything.

It is paid out to our children at the start of every month.

Here is what I came up with before our children could count to 100 and no pocket money was given yet:

When they were toddlers and saw a toy they liked in a shop, I would ask them if they wanted to add it to their birthday or Christmas wish list.

Each time a new situation comes along, you will have learned a way how to respectfully deal with the problem.

At the first instance you may feel overwhelm but then you remember what to do.

This is the beauty of attending my course:

you will be equipped with tools for every new moment.

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